Equipped to handle any project

Our Process

At Standback GC, we believe that the quality of the process is as equally important as the quality of the product. We strive to deliver the best experience — for our clients, industry partners, team and community — throughout every step of a project.

As a family owned business with strong family values, we are highly regarded for our partnership-based approach to construction and management. Quality construction is more than materials and craftsmanship; it stems from the quality of the relationship with our clients. We’re here to be your partner. We start off by being good listeners; and then we find ways to create the most value for your investment. We view every project through a future-focused lens, challenging us to redefine the way we see, think and work to bring your project to life.

What our clients are saying

General Contracting

As General Contractor, we are responsible for the day-to-day operations of our clients’ construction sites, managing different vendors and trades, and communicating every detail of the project through completion. Whether the client is looking to renovate or restore an existing structure or start from scratch with a new build, we can get the job done.

Construction Management

As Construction Manager, we oversee the planning and design of a project from beginning to end, using our experience and techniques to ensure that a project is executed on schedule and within budget. We specialize in design-bid-builds, working closely with clients and vendors through all phases of a project and in the same partnership approach that defines us as a company.

Trucking services

In order for our construction projects to be as successful and efficient as possible, Standback has incorporated a small trucking division into our business, allowing us to haul materials as needed throughout our projects. With this capability, we are also able to transport materials for our partners and vendors, allowing us to create lasting and valuable relationships in the construction industry.


Excavation is another area that we can help to make our projects get completed on time SBGC has most excavation equipment to complete most project that come into view. This allows the project to keep moving forward transitioning from a foundation in the ground to a building in the air quickly.

Snow removal + plowing

SBGC performs snow removal for commercial and industrial clients throughout our region allowing customers to come and go even during the mites of winter. With our experience and equipment, we can plow during a storm and remove the snow buildup when the storm has passed. Snow plowing is a way that SBGC keeps its relationships constant, even during those months that outdoor construction is not at a surplus.